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You had me at Hello World

Set during the biggest revolution in history, the opening episode recounts a much more important story: that of a summer love lost.

Four ways to stop your system from freezing

Imagine you could get sentenced to death through downvoting. Listen to a survivor tell her harrowing story.

White Algorithm’s burden - part I

Your son is a pedophile who never acted on his impulses. What do you do when children in the neighbourhood suddenly start going missing? Part 1 of 3.

White Algorithm’s burden - part II

Your son is a pedophile who never acted on his impulses. What do you do when children in the neighbourhood suddenly start going missing? Part 2 of 3.

White Algorithm’s burden - part III

Your son is a pedophile who never acted on his impulses. What do you do when children in the neighbourhood suddenly start going missing? Part 3 of 3.

White hat, black hat

A story of a war criminal who chooses the losing side and thrives and a war hero who joins the winners but doesn’t find victory.

Move past and break things

time travelling... Episode about

Parent-child processing

A story examining a relationship between a daughter and a father… After the fact he’s been paid to play the part of her dad for 15 years came to light.

Right align, justify

You don’t need laws against stealing, if you hang all the thieves.

My Turing-complete life

What would you do if you encountered a startup that literally sells you the future?


We thought HAL 9000 would take us to the stars. Instead we employed it as a babysitter.

Jakob’s notebook: Quit without saving

A short story written by the late sci-fi author Jakob Miller discovered with three different endings.

This AI not to be used for fabricating paperclips

Humanity had to endure three great disappointments in the course of history - the first was Copernicus' discovery Earth was not the centre of the Universe; the second was Darwin's conclusion man had no special place in evolution; the third was Lampard's unawarded goal against Germany in 2010 World Cup.

More parrot than predator

In the beginning was the Microsoft Word.

What you see is what you get

The only way to the brain is through the heart.

Force eject

God is not dead; He's on vacation.

Create, Read, Update, Delete

The ultimate A/B test.

Killer app

Providing support to end users.


Don't light a match to search for fire.

Cheat code

“We want to make our lovers the happiest in the world, and, failing that, the most miserable.” - Jean de La Bruyère

Homepage not found

Building fusion reactors and interplanetary spaceships is easy. What's hard is getting a permit from the local Planning and Housing Committee.

Jakob's notebook: Antivirus solutions for home and business

Humans are not alone in the universe. They're just really unplesant to be around.


Falling in love two weeks before the scheduled end of the world.

Discreet optimization

What do you do when freedom becomes a losing proposition?

Planned obsolescence

Pessimist acknowledges utopian leanings coming face to face with continuity of digital information.

How to keep device drivers from crashing

What happens under the hood during a stop error.

In the blink of A.I.

Life is universe experiencing itself.

Memory leak

Being admitted to a Memory Bank is a great privilege.

Infinite loop

“The ultimate roller coaster is built when you send out twenty-four people and they all come back dead. This could be done, you know.” - John Allen, former president of Philadelphia Toboggan Company

You don't have sufficient privileges to make changes

Superman exists... And he's been through Guantanamo.

The Program Shows of Accolade: Modes of Thought in Anterran Literature, Wireland Ranch & Gospels of the Flood

Sample three other fiction podcasts recommended by the Program

Not safe for work

The good news is that God exists. The bad news is that He's a libertarian.

All unsaved progress will be lost

Rock is the best friend of man.

Upcoming episodes:

Contemporary Cube Theory 101 (September 2024)

Introduction to Cube Studies. Prerequisites: None. 3 Credits.

Contemporary Cube Theory 201 (October 2024)

Advanced integrative approach to Cube Studies. Prerequisites: CCT101. 3 Credits.

Contemporary Cube Theory 301 (November 2024)

Expert level holistic approach to Cube Studies. Prerequisites: CCT101, CCT201. 3 Credits.

Roddenberry fields forever (2025)

What if money actually grew on trees?