The Program — Collective 179

Message from IMS, the author of The Program

"Infinite loop" was originally supposed to be a bonus episode for paid supporters. However, I decided to provide it to everyone for free.

The issue is, The Program is not free to make. And the awkward truth is that currently less than 2% of listeners financially support the show.

My theory is that this is not because of apathy, but friction. It's just too easy to postpone one's support, only to forget about it later.

Which is why I created this page. This is your chance to give back to the show - perhaps your best chance.

So in case you want to honour the people who invested their time, energy, and talents into The Program, here are your two options.

Tap on logo to make a one time monthly donation:

(make sure your email address is visible, or message me afterwards)

Tap on logo to make a recurring monthly donation:

(tap on the logo and then Subscribe - iPhone and Mac only!)

As a token of gratitude, you will gain access to actual bonus material - the extra content I opted against making "Infinite loop" a part of.

Most importantly, your money will go towards making more episodes, and getting them to you faster.

I thank you for making this a truly two-way relationship.